Enjoy the culinary experience of going out for dinner in the comfort of your own home. ‘De kokende Bijl’* is specialized in treating you and your guests to a professional private dinner on location (that you are not likely to forget ). In your kitchen, our master chef Hanne Bijl prepares a 3 to 6 course dinner based on your wishes using fresh and local ingredients. Other culinary possibilities are, for example, tastings and walking dinners. Upon request we also offer a wine arrangement with specially selected wines to compliment your dinner.

WHERE? We cook all around the country and are known from Groningen to Maastricht.

HOW? For years we have been cooking with love, expertise and passion. But because of the current situation regarding covid-19 we are more than ever dedicated to safety, quality and to supporting our local farmers and producers. This is the reason why we choose our fish and shellfish from IJmuiden, our game from the dunes in Noord Holland, our organic greens from the Duintuin in Heemskerk, our bread from Bakkerij de Basis in Velsen and our ice-cream from Ci Vediamo in Egmond. We choose sustainable products for their taste and regard for animal wellbeing. And of course, it goes without saying that we follow the latest health regulations.
Please fill in the contact form to book a private dinner, and we will send you a proposal with several possibilities in accordance with your wishes, and our menu. The choice is entirely yours.

De Kokende Bijl / Hanne kookt / Kok aan huis / Prive kok / ThuiskokWHO? Hanne Bijl has been a certified chef since 1993 and has cooked in a wide variety of restaurants such as Pier 10, Zaza’s, Bern and Hemelse Modder before she started her own unique, gastronomic enterprise called ‘Uit-Gekookt’ in 2007. To prevent a mix up with the name of another company she changed this name in ‘De Kokende Bijl’ in 2017.

De Kokende Bijl / Hanne kookt / Kok aan huis / Prive kok / ThuiskokPOSSIBILITIES? ‘De Kokende Bijl’ facilitates dinners for groups ranging from 2 to 50 guests. When we cook for large numbers we work with several chefs and hosts. Hanne works with a team of 6 professionals. If needed we also arrange extra tableware and other necessities for big groups upon request.

On the day of the dinner we arrive at your home with all the ingredients. We start with the ‘mise en place’ preparing the entire dinner on the spot. Finally, after we have served out the dessert we clean your kitchen and leave while you have the rest of the evening to leisurely enjoy the company of your guests.

For culinary inspiration we would like to invite you to check our promo-video (and others) under ‘impressions’ and read our reviews.
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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you soon!
*  Private dinners (3,4,5 or 6 courses)
* Tapas dinner (12 different Tapas)
* Culinary tasting (10 small dishes)
* Tiptoptapas & fingerfood cooking workshop at home ( 12 different tapas and fingerfood dishes)

’De Kokende Bijl’ translates into: ‘The cooking axe’. ‘Bijl’ is a reference to the family name of the chef and can be seen in our logo.

De Kokende Bijl / Hanne kookt / Kok aan huis / Prive kok / Thuiskok